Vegan Cookie Dough Frozen Yoghurt

vegan cookie dough frozen yoghurt

One thing I really miss is delicious vegan ice cream. The situation in Germany is very sad. Most of the time the ice cream is too sweet, watery, tastes like frozen corn or something else. Well, I can keep being a real German girl and complain about it or I just make vegan ice cream on my own.

And because I love Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough and Frozen Yoghurt I made Vegan Cookie Dough Frozen Yoghurt. TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

I used an ice cream maker. If you don’t have one you can freeze it in your freezer. I tried it and it works. But using an ice cream maker makes it much creamier.

Ingredients Cookie Dough (serves 2-3)

2/3 Cup (150 grams) Margarine
2/3 Cup (150 grams) coconut sugar
1 Cup (150 grams) spelt flour
2 tsp vanilla sugar
1/3 Cup (75 ml) oat milk
3 tbsp chocolate chips

Ingredients Cookie Dough Frozen Yoghurt

3/4 Cup (200 grams) lupin yoghurt

Method Cookie Dough

In large mixing bowl beat the margarine and coconut sugar and vanilla sugar together until mixture is light and fluffy. Add flour and oat milk and beat until combined. Add the chocolate chips and stir.

Method Cookie Dough Frozen Yoghurt

Add yoghurt and stir again. If you don’t have an ice cream maker then pour into a freezer-safe container. Freeze the ice cream for 4 hours, stirring with a fork every 30 minutes. This step adds air and helps it become creamy.

cookie dough frozen yoghurt vegan



  1. Tuesday June 26th, 2018 / 03:25 PM

    Hallo, ich habe das vegane Eis von Ben & jerry beim Rewe bekommen. Ziemlich teuer. Ca. 7,00euro. Daher bin ich jetzt mal sehr gespannt auf deunes. Lg

    • Ramona Van Maaren
      Sunday August 5th, 2018 / 06:35 PM

      Bin gespannt wie hat es dir geschmeckt? Ja das von Ben & Jerry ist leider ziemlich teuer!

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