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A few days ago I showed you a recipe for vegan cheese. And I promised to experiment with it. Tadaaaaa here is the first recipe: cheesy nachos! It tastes like heaven. Really. On the next day, I made it again but this time I used homemade potato chips instead of tortilla chips. I also recommend this version. And of course, it is much more healthy than using tortilla chips. I think this recipe is perfect for a long movie night with friends, right? Having some drinks and eating vegan cheesy nachos.


3 handful tortilla chips
1 shallot
5 green chilies
5 cherry tomatoes


Put the tortilla chips on a plate and add the vegan cheese. I heated the cheese before but you can also use is the cheese cold. Peel and chop shallot. Halve and core green chilies. Wash tomatoes. Then, slice chilies and tomatoes. Top tortilla chips with shallot, chilies and tomatoes.

To make homemade potatoes chips you have to slice potatoes (very thin slices) and bake the potatoes slices for 15-20 minutes (200 °C / 390 °F).

vegan cheese nachos


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