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A few days ago I showed you a recipe for vegan cheese. And I promised to experiment with it. Tadaaaaa here is the first recipe: cheesy nachos!


How to make multivitamin juice

Everytime when I have a cold I am craving for multivitamin juice. I don’t know why. I just drink multivitamin juice all the time. And I really like to make my own multivitamin juice. Last week I had a cold.…


vegan cheese – simple recipe!

Actually I don’t like vegan cheese. Because I still can remember the taste of cheese and vegan cheese doesn’t taste like real cheese. In the internet I found a lot of recipes of vegan cheese made of potatoes and carrots.…


vegan “halloween” pumpkin pie

Autumn is the time for pumpkin. I love pumkkin. It makes everything taste a little bit better. You can use pumpkin to make very delicious cakes. Pumpkin gives a cake a very smooth texture and and a little bit of…


vegan two crust apple pie

A few days ago I received a lot of apples from a patient. So I made my mothers favorite apple pie. The original recipe is not vegan unfortunately. But I just had to change a few things to make it…


vegan carrot cake with vanilla-coconut cream

For a very long time I thought you can not put vegetables into a cake. That doesn’t taste good. A few years ago I worked at a wedding and the wedding cake was a carrot cake. Since then I am…


Vegan Pancakes (only 4 ingredients)

I love vegan pancakes. I can have them for breakfast, lunch or dessert I just love eating sweat stuff. A few weeks ago a friend stayed over for a few days and she craved for something sweet. Well normally I…


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