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Creamy oatmeal with roasted apple and banana

A few days ago I told you guys that I want to lose a few pounds. And I want to reduce the sweet treats in my life. To lose weight in a healthy way I eat oatmeal for breakfast very…


Vegan potato salad with apple and cucumber

It is very hard for me to say no to cakes and chocolate. Unfortunately, I gained some weight. So I decided to take a little break from all of my beloved sweet treats. Just for a while. To be honest…


Baked sweet potato spaghetti with mango chilli dipping sauce

I can’t get enough of sweet potatoes. Sweetpoatoe stew, sweet potato french fries, sweet potato brownies… the list is endless. Maybe because I just discovered sweet potatoes recently. So I have to try everything that you can cook with sweet…


The best vegan spinach lasagna

Spinach and I have a very very complicated relationship. There are a few recipes I hated the most when I was a child. And very often it had to do with spinach. So it was a long process till spinach…


Super fluffy vegan saffron cake

I never used saffron in the past. But a few weeks ago I ate for the first time Persian. And the Persian kitchen uses a lot of saffron. A week later a good friend asked me to bake a cake…


Vegan chocolate-hazelnut donuts with kidney beans

Hi, my name is Tatjana and today I share a recipe with you guys. Normally I blog here: wiesenkopfschreibsele about baking and gardening and every now and than I bake vegan. Like today. Ass so many people I love donuts and…


vegan tarte flambee with leek

Last week I showed you a recipe for vegan sour cream. And I noticed that you loved the vegan tarte flambee recipe. So one very important ingredient for tarte flambee is sour cream. So today we will bake tarte flambee…


Vegan Sour Cream (with pine nuts)

I never think that cooking vegan restricts me in my creativity in the kitchen. But sometimes it gets a little bit difficult. Because I love to make vegan versions of vegetarian recipes and especially cream sauce recipes are sometimes tricky. Furthermore,…


Super moist vegan chocolate-banana cake

A few days ago I had some bananas left. Well, I love banana and chocolate. When I was a child I always loved going to the Oktoberfest. Well, actually I was looking forward to the chocolate bananas. Or I also…


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