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Quick & Easy Chickpea- tomato stew

As you know I am a big fan of simple recipes. Very often I don’t like to spend hours in the kitchen. So, this recipe for a vegan chickpea-tomato stew is perfect for me. It takes 20 minutes to make…


Vegan potato dumplings with poppy butter

I can’t remember that my mother ever made potato dumplings (in Germany called Schupfnudeln). I usually ate them at the Octoberfest with sauerkraut. Mhmmm yummy! Well, I love everything which includes dough. So of course, a recipe for potato dumpling…


Vegan curry with green asparagus and plums

A few weeks ago, a very close friend of mine got married. And what do you do at weddings? Of course, eating! And because I liked the main course: vegan curry with green asparagus and plums so much I had…


Vegan millet salad with sweet potato, pomegranate and rocket

One hour ago, I had the last bite of this super delicious vegan millet salad with sweet potato, pomegranate and rocket and its already on the blog. That is what I call fast. Right? Finally, I have another millet recipe.…


Super creamy vegan risotto with mushrooms and pesto rosso

It is one year ago since I published a recipe for a vegan risotto. Way too long. So today I show you an easy vegan risotto with mushrooms. Give this super creamy mushroom risotto recipe a try today.


Vegan fruity rice pudding cake with shortcrust pastry

Guys, I wanted to show this recipe sometime around Easter. But then I wasn’t happy with the photos. And so kept this wonderful recipe for a vegan rice pudding cake away from you. I am pretty nerdy when it comes…


Vegan potato goulash (gluten free)

Today I have a super simple recipe for you guys. This vegan goulash tastes amazing. I cooked it on new years eve for the first time and my guests were thrilled. I recommend to cook the vegan goulash in the…


Vegan omelette with avocado cream sauce

Most of the time I am eating oatmeal for breakfast. But sometimes I want something savoury for breakfast. This vegan omelette doesn’t taste like a real omelette. But I am pretty happy about it because I don’t like the taste…


Fruity millet salad with orange & avocado (vegan & gluten free)

Today I have a recipe for a vegan millet salad. The recipe is super simple. Maybe your are a little bit sceptical about the combination orange, avocado and millet. But I promise it tastes really good together.


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