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What I eat in a day #1

Today I have a new category on the blog for you. I decided to start YouTube again. So here it is my first “what I eat in a day” video. Because you seem to be very interested in sugar-free nutrition…


Sugar-Free raspberry-apple jam with dates

Well, buying sugar-free jam wasn’t possible. So, I had to make it on my own. I have never cooked jam before. But it turned out, cooking jam isn’t that difficult as I thought it would be.


Vegan mini-quiches with pumpkin and apple

Because there were so many sweet recipes on my blog lately. It was time for some savoury recipe. Well, you don’t need to use pumpkin for this recipe. You can use all the vegetables you like. There are many options…


Vegan & sugar free Christmas chocolate cookies with caramel filling

Another vegan and sugar-free cookie recipe. Still trying my best to avoid sugar. But what would Christmas be without the Christmas cookies??? So, I needed to create simple Christmas cookie recipes without using sugar, to get through Christmas time. And…


Vegan & sugar free pumpkin cookies

So, this is the first recipe where I only used dates and one banana for sweetening. And it worked very well. Avoiding sugar is not easy. But I try my best. So far, I am very happy about it. Every…


Vegan raspberry muffins with oats

Who doesn’t like muffins? So, there is no muffin recipe on this blog. I can’t believe it. Definitely time for a vegan raspberry muffin recipe, right? Happy baking!


vegan watermelon salad with baked chickpeas

It is not a big secret when I am telling you that I don’t like summer. Even as a child I didn’t like summer. But I enjoy eating a lot of ice cream and delicious summer salads. So, I have…


Vegan Mango Chocolate Cake

Jenny is guest blogging today to share an amazing recipe!


Vegan Cookie Dough Frozen Yoghurt

One thing I really miss is delicious vegan ice cream. The situation in Germany is very sad. Most of the time the ice cream is too sweet, watery, tastes like frozen corn or something else. Well, I can keep being…


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