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Heavenly vegan & refined sugar free brownies

I can’t remember how many times I promised friends that the recipe for the vegan and sugar-free brownies would be on my blog next week. I think a year is a good time.


Vegan Malai Kofta

Malai Kofta was the first Indian dish I had ever eaten and sparked my love for Indian food. Unfortunately, Malai Kofta is not vegan and so I had to do without it for a long time. Until I googled the…


Vegan pumpkin curry with bush beans

I have created a new recipe which belongs to the category “lost on my hard drive”. It was very tasty, but as you know I’m not the fastest blogger on earth, it took a while until it landed on the…


Vegan and refined sugar-free pancakes with lemon and blueberries

It was time for a new pancake recipe. I love pancakes and using a pancake maker, makes it super easy. For this recipe, I didn’t use refined sugar. Instead, I used dates and it worked perfectly.


Super easy vegan Chili-Stew

Well, today I have a super simple recipe for a vegan chilli-stew. Actually, I am cooking it right now, because a) it is super easy to make and b) it is super delicious.


Vegan pumpkin pasta with peas & mushrooms

Do you like to plan your recipes or do improvise in the kitchen? Well, I am a planer. But this time I was quite an Improviser. I just wanted to cook some pumpkin pasta. But then I realized that I…


3 vegan & sugar-free ice cream recipes

Finally, I am ready with my vegan & refined sugar-free ice cream recipes. Even though summer is almost over. It took me a while. I think I never tested a recipe that often like the vegan chocolate ice cream. I…


Homemade sugar free vegan chocolate

I promised you for a while a blog post about vegan and sugar-free chocolate. Well, I did some research. I wanted to find sugar free chocolate online. But it was quite difficult. Because sometimes I found vegan chocolate, which was…


What I eat in a day #2

I hope you enjoy my new “What I eat in a day”. The recipes are without refined sugar. That means I only use fresh or dried fruits to sweeten.


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