Homemade sugar free vegan chocolate

zuckerfreie vegane Schokolade

I promised you for a while a blog post about vegan and sugar-free chocolate. Well, I did some research. I wanted to find sugar free chocolate online. But it was quite difficult. Because sometimes I found vegan chocolate, which was sweetened with dates, but they also added coconut sugar. And nowadays I try to avoid coconut sugar. So, I had to make my own chocolate. And it is much easier than expected and most important it is very delicious. By accident, I made some nougat chocolate, which was the biggest surprise for me.


80 grams cocoa butter
1-2 tsp raw cacao powder
Dates (the amount depends on the type of date, I used 3 sayer dates for dark chocolate and 8 sayer dates for nougat chocolate)


Blend the dates with some water. If you don’t have a high-speed blender (like me) I recommend using a hand blender. Until now I had the best results with a hand blender.

Melt cocoa butter. Stir in cacao powder and blended dates. Pour the chocolate into moulds to harden. Leave the chocolate in the refrigerator until harden or use the chocolate as icing.

vegane zuckerfrei Schokolade

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    1. Liebe Carole,

      du machst nichts falsch. Ich habe festgestellt, das es bei mir manchmal klappt und manchmal nicht. Ich habe leider noch nicht herausgefunden warum das so ist. Aber ich habe es auf meiner TO DO Liste das Rezept nochmal zu überarbeiten.

      Viele Grüße


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