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Vegan fruity rice pudding cake with shortcrust pastry

Veganer Milchreiskuchen by SomeGreenLife

Guys, I wanted to show this recipe sometime around Easter. But then I wasn’t happy with the photos. And so kept this wonderful recipe for a vegan rice pudding cake away from you. I am pretty nerdy when it comes to photography. Sometimes I don’t choose recipes because I think they will not look pretty on a photo. The vegan spinach lasagna is a really good example. It is one of the most popular recipes on this blog. But I was never happy with the photos. Three photo shoots later I published the recipe. Call me crazy. But that makes me happy. Continue Reading

The best vegan spinach lasagna


Spinach and I have a very very complicated relationship. There are a few recipes I hated the most when I was a child. And very often it had to do with spinach. So it was a long process till spinach and I became friends. A pinch of spinach here, a little spinach there. It took a while. We are still not super close friends. But we like each other. So nowadays spinach made it into one of my favourite recipes. Continue Reading