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Creamy oatmeal with roasted apple and banana

Creamy oatmeal with roasted apple and banana

A few days ago I told you guys that I want to lose a few pounds. And I want to reduce the sweet treats in my life. To lose weight in a healthy way I eat oatmeal for breakfast very often. Eating oats make me full. So  I am not hungry again after 30 minutes. I also think oats a very healthy. But I am not a nutrition expert. That is just my personal opinion. If you follow me on Instagram you already know how much I love big breakfast bowls with lots of fruits. Today I show you a recipe for a vegan oatmeal with roasted apple and banana. How to you like your oatmeal? Continue Reading

Vegan Pancakes (only 4 ingredients)


I love vegan pancakes. I can have them for breakfast, lunch or dessert I just love eating sweat stuff. A few weeks ago a friend stayed over for a few days and she craved for something sweet. Well normally I do not have chocolate or cookies at home because I eat everything at once. I can’t just eat one piece of chocolate. It doesn’t work for me. So I made her pancakes. Continue Reading